Tanya & Devon - Wedding Album

We are so excited to get married and spend this beautiful moment with you all! Help us keep these memories by contributing towards an heirloom album that we will cherish forever. We've hired two wonderful photographers, Anna & Roman, to capture our special day together. Once they've shared our wedding photos, we will be able to choose our favorite moments to celebrate the story of our wedding day in a 50-page layflat hardcover print, fabric or leather bound album.

Bonus, by ordering an album through the registry, we are entitled to a 20% early-bird discount on the 2018 album prices.

Give us our wedding day forever.

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A little more about the album options:


1. The Heirloom Album

The book, 12x12 inch: A printed hard cover, with thick seamles spreads allowing your favorite images to carry over the page. Its 50 pages beautifully tells the story of your wedding.


2. The Fine Art Heirloom AlbuM

The book, 10x10 or 12x12 inch: Choose the cover you want: Fabric wrap or full-grain leather bound. Thick seamless spreads allowing your favorite images to carry over the page, printed with archival inks, to ensure that it won't have a wrinckle when you will, on a premium fine art paper, so that the inks are luxurious and vibrant. The paper is covered with a coated matte that makes every page water resistant; confident, you can pass your album around your dinner table; fearless, you can leave it on display on your coffee table; and rest assured it's as sturdy as can be to survive anything (cats, dogs, baby-ies ;)

Album Replica 2.jpg

3. Replica

7x7 or 8x8 inch Replica albums contain the exact same layout as the master book. Spread the story to those you love...

Albums vary between CAD $1050 and CAD $1590 including 50 pages as a minimum to beautifully tell the story of the whole wedding day (additional pages may be purchased to develop events or add moments such as the engagement)
What is included:
-The Album
- Blomme Studio designs the layout
- The Couple proofs the album before press to make sure they love it, and if they have any modification requests, we are there to make them
- The Couple receives the album (or albums: parents' replica albums, etc) at their doorstep